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LOVE AND DECEPTION HAVE A LOT IN COMMON.Meet the Goodnights, a respectable family who run a respectable art gallery-and have for generations. There's Gwen, the matriarch who likes to escape reality, Eve the oldest daughter who has a slight identity problem (she has two), Nadine, the granddaughter who's ready to follow in the family footsteps as soon as she can find a set tLOVE AND DECEPTION HAVE A LOT IN COMMON.Meet the Goodnights, a respectable family who run a respectable art gallery-and have for generations. There's Gwen, the matriarch who likes to escape reality, Eve the oldest daughter who has a slight identity problem (she has two), Nadine, the granddaughter who's ready to follow in the family footsteps as soon as she can find a set that isn't leading off a cliff. And lastly, Matilda, the youngest daughter, has inherited the secret locked down in the basement of the Goodnight Gallery, the secret she's willing to do almost anything to keep, even break into a house in the dead of night to steal back her past. THE RISKS ARE INTOXICATING.Meet the Dempseys, or at least meet Davy, a reformed con man who's just been ripped off for a cool three million by his financial manager, who then gallantly turned it over to Clea Lewis, the most beautiful sociopath Davy ever slept with. Davy wants the money back, but more than that he'll do anything to keep Clea from winning, including break into her house in the dead of night to steal back his future. AND IF YOU'RE REALLY GOOD AT THEM, THEY BOTH PAY OFF.One collision in a closet later, Tilda and Davy reluctantly join forces to combat Clea, suspicious art collectors, a disgruntled heir, and an exasperated hitman, all the while coping with a mutant dachshund, a juke box stuck in the sixties, questionable sex, and the growing realization that they can't turn their backs on the people they were meant to be...or the people they were born to love....

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Faking It Reviews

  • Stephanie
    2019-05-01 15:33

    What if someone wrote a Harlequin Romance while dropping acid? I'm pretty sure this book would be the result. Jennifer Crusie, whose known for her quirky romance novels, outdoes herself with this tale. Who else would create a heroine who has to fake an orgasm with the hero the first time they have sex because it's so bad? Who else would describe their first kiss as "tasting of vodka and disaster"? This book is just so much fun.

  • Barbara
    2019-05-16 11:56

    5 Stars...I LOVED it...Oh my goodness...where shall I start with this never gonna give this book enough credit review?!"Faking It" started off as one of those (and I'm sure I'm not alone in this) books that I picked up a couple times and just put down because I just wasn't clicking with the characters at that point in time. Well let me say...I am so mad at myself for doing that...but so happy at the same time because it took me longer to read it!!! I started really reading this book yesterday morning and just devoured it in a days time.This is a total of 3 books that I've read by this wonderful author...and I've rated all of them a very rare 5 Star (it's not very often you get a 3 out of 3). There's just something about how Crusie brings her characters to life. You actually feel like your standing in one of her crazy families and by the end of the book you feel like your part of that crazy family. And she's also so very very funny, I love how in every book I've read by her she has this movie or song trivia thing going on, that's so much fun to read.It was also very cool to have a little update on Sophie and Phin...and now I'm waiting on Simon and Eve's story. Does anyone know which book that is?! Wonderful wonderful read. I would for sure, no doubt about it recommend this book (and "Bet Me" and "Welcome To Tempation") to all of my goodread friends!

  • Lois Bujold
    2019-04-26 10:52

    My favorite Crusie, who is my favorite contemporary romance writer, smart and witty.I am wanting a lot of analgesic fiction this week, so I am rereading a bunch of Crusie and Krentz (who is my Crusie-methadone go-to). Crusie never seems to write quite the same book twice, and so is much more limited in her output. (Krentz does not seem to have that disability, so she's much harder to run out of, but her books do rather blur together in my mind after a bit. My fave of hers is Light in Shadow, if you're looking for a rec.)That said, I also just reread The Cinderella Deal, an early Crusie, and doing the two books back-to-back did display an earlier and a later pass on some of the same ideas and tropes. In Faking It, Crusie is definitely at the top of her form, for my tastes.Technically, Faking it is a sequel to Welcome to Temptation, in that romance-series way that jumps to follow another somehow-related couple, but it works fine as a stand-alone as well.Highly recommended.I bought a Kindle edition, since my old paperback copy is buried in a box in my garage at present, and I didn't want to wait in line for Overdrive from my library. Mostly pretty good in terms of transfer-typos, but it is missing an italicization of one critical line; I don't know if this can be fixed. ("I'd have bought it, too." is NOT the same as "I'd have bought it too." Nor, for that matter, the same as "I'd have bought it, too!", although that does not enter in.)

  • Ana
    2019-04-26 11:52

    Faking It was the first book I ever read byJennifer Crusie and is the reason I went to read every other book she has ever written. This one, however, remains my favorite. The story is one part romance novel, one part action adventure and is liberally sprinkled with humor, musical references, art and movie quotes. The heroine is asthmatic which is a first for me in fiction -- asthma as a charming plot ploy rather than the sad pathetic fat kid's problem. Here, here, Ms. Crusie! Hoorah!Faking It is the perfect beach read, vaction book or airport diversion. Charming and a little racy, I have returned to this book several times to visit with the quirky Goodnights.

  • Tammy
    2019-05-09 12:49

    When I first read "Welcome to Temptation" (one of my all-time favorite books), I fell in love with Sophie's brother, bad-boy Davy Dempsey. I was thrilled when I discovered that Davy was finally given his own story. This book was not as funny, clever, sexy or charming as Crusie's prior novels. Matilda Goodnight is disappointing and not at all what I had in mind for Davy. Her sister with split personalities, cross-dressing ex-brother-in-law, a couple of smart ass teenagers and a hit man did make the book slightly more interesting, but altogether I felt let down. The main plot became confusing. The sexual dysfunction between Davy and Matilda was frustrating. And what the heck is the real difference between a man labeled as a "muffin" and a man labeled as a "donut"? I am a HUGE fan of Jennifer Crusie's books; however, she can do so much better than "Faking It".

  • Alexis
    2019-05-07 14:39

    Tilda Goodnight is an artist working out of the gallery that's been in her family for hundreds of years. Her whole family lives in the building that the gallery is located in, and in the basement they hide the family secrets. And this family has a lot of secrets.Enter Davy Dempsey (previously seen in Welcome to Temptation). He comes from a family with a lot of secrets, too. When he and Tilda realize they have a common goal and a need to commit a crime, they start working together - and falling for each other. I think this book just wasn't for me. :-/

  • Cheri
    2019-05-24 14:53

    Here I thought the Dempseys were hilariously bent then JC introduces us to the Goodnights. I laughed so hard reading this book. I didn't give Davy much thought in Welcome To Temptation. In this book we see how funny, handsome, creative and sensitive he is....not to mention conniving. Really enjoyed this series!

  • Anzu The Great Destroyer
    2019-05-19 16:33

    This was such a damn… what word to use? …. Hmmmm… freaky? Yeah I guess it will do. So this was such a damn freaky book! Seriously I guess all the characters in here have issues. No normal people allowed I guess. Even the dentist has issues… What the hell?!A really fun start and hilarious characters. This makes me think of that vamp series… What was the name? Ah yeah! Argeneau. Now I managed to read the first one (barely). What reminds me of that is the amount of characters this book has. Now Mrs. Author-for-the-Great-Argeneau-Series (forgot her name – Sands I guess… whatever) learn a bit from here. There were many characters but awesome characters. No retards here! Gah! It’s difficult these days to create a shitty book that has a huge success amongst silly desperate youngsters (yes, I’m talking about Twilight).So far so good. The story seemed nice but when I got to the first sex scene at about 26%... W-T-F!!! I should have expected this from a book having the title “Faking it” (nice pun in the title b-t-dub) but come on!!!! I felt like she was surfing channels trying to find something good on TV and failed miserably. I don’t know if I should laugh or stare like an idiot into space. It actually scarred me…. Scarred me badly…. Now the best way to review this book is to give my opinions on the characters. That’s at least my idea. So here we go:• Davy (I dunno why each time I read Davy’s name I get Davy Jones in my mind… Am I losing it?) – I just loved him, my favorite character. If I could kiss his brain I would do it! Smart man this one!• Tilda – a really strange character. I mean she’s annoying most of the time, she sucks in bed and relationships but I can’t get myself to hate her. Wonder why?• Gwen – awesome grandma; I want one of those.• Eve/Louise – another piece of work – big wtf.• Ford – loved him; he’s a damn psycho killer but a silent one – guess a bit like Dexter (• Simon – smart guy, I respect the friendship he has with Davy. Too cold for me to like him though.• Nadine – cute gal really liked her.• Michael – freaky dad. Scared me at times. Ok in the end.• Steve – such a good dog.Even though the story was slightly too lengthy and boring at some points I still enjoyed it. Too much cheesiness is good for you at times. I was just expecting it to be as funny as “Welcome to Temptation” but the difference is the story which improved drastically. My favorite of the series is definitely “Faking it”.Top 5 quotes#5 “You do a beautiful bitch,” Davy said. “You got any chains in the attic?”“You’re disgusting,” Tilda said cheerfully. #4 “I was scared and he was standing between me and disaster.”“For which you say, ‘Thank you very much,’ not ‘Let me lick your tonsils.’” #3 He sat down on the bed and thought, She’s a crook and a liar and she’s played me for two solid weeks. Jesus.He’d never wanted her more. #2 “Do I know you?”“Yep.” He settled into the booth. “You stuck your tongue down my throat about an hour ago. Did I thank you for that?” #1 “You’d rather have a vibrator than me,” Davy said.“It’s a good one,” she said, trying to soften the blow. “It’s not battery-operated. It plugs in." [...]“You’re in a long-term relationship with an appliance,” Davy said.“Hey.” Tilda straightened. “I never have to talk to it, it never makes me feel embarrassed, and it never lets me down.” Read this review on ZombieHazard.

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-13 15:34

    I love it when the main character rides the line between really good and a little bad. I guess forging paintings is more than a little bit bad, and breaking into someone's house is also on the "more than a little bit bad" side - but breaking into someone's house to replace the forged painting with a real one - well - that's when you have the crook with the golden heart. Add a love interest who is also riding the naughty but nice line and a cast of a crazy family - and you have yourself a fun little book.

  • Saly
    2019-05-09 11:57

    Rating 3.25The first half of this book annoyed me, I almost DNF'ed it but the second half worked much better for me because the heroine worked better for me, in the first half she seemed dull, morose, lifeless and I didn't see what the hero Davy saw in her, so much so that he stole for her when he was trying to remain straight. There were many threads from the previous book mainly Clea, the seductive and conniving ex of Davy who now had his money. The heroine's crazy family grew on me later.

  • Jane Stewart
    2019-05-09 15:55

    Ok, but not recommended.This book is the sequel to Welcome To Temptation, which was about Sophie and Phin. Davy had a smaller role in that book and now this book is about him. The plot didn't make sense to me. Someone paints pictures and signs them with a fake name in the way someone uses a "pen name" to write books. The painter in this story felt she might go to jail if anyone found out. That didn't make sense to me since the name she signed wasn't a name used by anyone else. Davy is a reformed con man who meets the painter and more events happen. I didn't enjoy the plot or the characters that much. Nothing surprised or delighted me. Only once did I chuckle at something humorous. I read this because I loved three other books by this author which are "Bet Me,' "Welcome To Temptation" and "Anyone But You." I do not recommend "Faking It."DATA:Sexual language: moderate. Number of sex scenes: three. Setting: current day U.S. Copyright: 2002. Genre: contemporary romance.

  • Olga Godim
    2019-05-18 17:59

    4.5 starsThis is one of those books that I own and re-read periodically, whenever I need an infusion of laughter and good writing. I love the author. I’ve read everything she has written and enjoyed it. I also subscribe to her blog. She is a master of light-hearted romantic comedy, and this book is one of them. Its plot is ludicrous but absorbing and its characters sing with life. Tilda is an artist. She is also a trained art forger. Her family has been in the art forgery business since the Middle Ages, and the cellar of her family house and gallery in Columbus, Ohio, is filled with forgeries her multiple ancestors painted ‘for future generations.’ But Tilda hates to be a forger. She wants to be free. She wants to paint in her own style. The problem is: she has already created several paintings in that style under a different name, when she was very young, and her late father sold them. If she claimed them now, the entire forgery enterprise might shatter at her feet, taking her whole family with it. She loves her family, so there must be another way. Maybe she could steal back the paintings and destroy them...Davy is a con artist. He comes to Columbus, Ohio, to retrieve his money, 3 million dollars, his former financial manager pilfered from him. He meets Tilda in a closet, while he and she try to steal from the same house: she – her painting, he – his money. A match made in heaven, wasn’t it? Davy knows it. If only Tilda realized it too...Eve is Tilda’s sister. She is a teaching assistant camouflaging/making money as a rock singer in a bar belonging to her former husband, Andrew, a gay man, who still loves her but is happily married to another man... Don’t ask. It’s too complicated.Nadine is Eve and Andrew’s daughter, a teenager with a tendency to be original. The entire family dotes on her.Gwen is Tilda and Eve’s mother who manages their family gallery and dreams of going away, somewhere else where boats bob on warm waves, no forgery threats hover over her family, and drinks have little paper umbrellas in them. Unfortunately, she can’t leave until the mortgage on the gallery is paid, which might take another 30 years or so.Rabbit is Davy’s former financial manager. He has a proper name, of course, but I don’t remember it. He is in love with Clea. It is for her that he stole Davy’s money.Clea is a beautiful 40+ woman, in love with herself, who wants to marry a rich man for the last time in her life. All her other, former husbands died leaving her poor (relatively). Rabbit is not on her short list, but he might be useful to protect her from Davy.Mason, Ford, Dorkas, Simon, and others make the story even more convoluted. Art and money are at the centre of the tale, as is love. I won’t recap the plot here but I will say: the writing is lovely, the humor subtle and slightly wicked, the dialog sharp and precise, with a witty flavor, and the characters alive to the point of absurdity. Or maybe absurd to the point of being alive.Here is one of the conversations Tilda and Davy are having. He wants to have sex with her, but she is doubtful. What if she comes during sex and screams all her secrets at him? “You’d rather have a vibrator than me,” Davy said.“It’s a good one,” she said, trying to soften the blow. “It’s not battery-operated. It plugs in.” When he didn’t say anything, she added, “Eve gave it to me for Christmas ten years ago, so I’ve had it a while and...” She trailed off as she watched his face.“You’re in a long-term relationship with an appliance,” Davy said. “Hey.” Tilda straightened. “I never have to talk to it, it never makes me feel embarrassed, and it never lets me down.”Delicious!

  • Jacob Proffitt
    2019-05-21 18:52

    This was pure, raw fun. I didn't much care for Davy in the first book, but he turns out beyond swoon-worthy here--and without major revision of his character from the first, either. He's my very favorite romantic hero type (the humble alpha) combined with a healthy dash of good-hearted rogue. Yeah. Yum. And if that isn't enough, Tilda is worthy of her own crush what with the passionate, strong woman overcoming her learned insecurity as she strives to care for those she loves.Crusie has a real talent for creating compelling characters who fit the story exactly right without any authorial manipulation whatsoever. Further, their emotional journey is as (if not more) important as the romantical one and has as much depth and flavor and its own independent path (i.e. emotional developments didn't mirror the romantic developments and the tension between the two was so poignant it sometimes hurt).I can't wait to get my hands on some more Crusie...A note about Steamy: This was more of a straight-forward steam level and about the same as a standard Nora Roberts. Three (I think) explicit scenes of moderate length with the occasional passionate stolen moment here and there.

  • Marie
    2019-05-04 16:32

    **3.5 Stars**Davy frowned at her. "So I'm a selfish bastard for wanting to do the right thing?""Yes," Tilda said."I know that's wrong." Davy stood up. "Let me get back to you on why.""Well, until then, keep your mouth shut," Tilda said. "You Honest people can make life hell for everybody else."I was so confused by this book, and I'm not sure in what way completely.This book is a sequel to Welcome to Temptation. This book is Davy Dempsey's adventure.Things I liked about this book: Their, Davy and Tilda, relationship was very calm compared to some chick-lit relationships. (view spoiler)[Between bad sex and Tilda's stubborn nature. The lack of sex between them was actually funny and enjoyable to read. (hide spoiler)] I think that added more depth to it for me and made me want to keep reading to see what their relationship would be. I love the growth of the characters, considering this is a chick-lit book and it's not as if characters change all that much in them, this one I found the way they changed or released all the old baggage was normal. Although the Goodnight's as a family are completely insane I felt like I belonged with their family. Something about a dysfunctional functioning family made me happy. I don't know if this review makes sense to anyone else either because I feel so confused from this book. I felt like the last 15% was just dumping information at me. Not that it was a bad thing at all. I still like this book and I love the characters. It was worth the time to read it.

  • Carrie
    2019-05-03 17:58

    SOA Listening Challenge 2012: Spread Your ListeningContemporary 3/4 What a roller coaster ride! I was hesitant about listening to this audiobook because I didn't like Welcome to Temptation, including Davy, who is the lead in Faking It. I finally gave it a try and while it wasn't a complete success for me, it was a great book. Faking It is different from Welcome to Temptation mainly because it was peopled with quirky characters who were also likable. Even the "bad guys" were mostly likable, or at least humorous. (I didn't like ANYONE in WtT except Phin's daughter, Dilly.)Davy's manipulative father, all the secret keeping, and, after a while, even the clever internal monologuing got to be irritating, but thankfully Crusie never let it go on too long. Just when I thought the lack of honestly was going to keep Davy and Tilda apart for most of the book, the author chose to give them (and the reader) a break.The book is genuinely funny, with some of the best dialog (and internal musings) I've ever read. The characters were quirky without being caricatures, which is difficult to pull off. The narration by Aasne Vigesaa was just about perfect, as well. Her comedic timing was spot on, and her character voices were clear without her trying to fake the men's voices. Excellent job.

  • Hannah
    2019-05-13 18:37

    Faking It is my new favorite Jennifer Crusie novel. This book was riotously funny almost from beginning to end, but there were a few poignant moments that added depth to an otherwise zany comedy. I waited several months to read Faking It after finishing Welcome to Temptation, because I just wasn't sure I wanted to visit the Dempsey family again. Welcome to Temptation was hilarious, but I disliked most of the characters. Phin was a jerkwad, Sophie was a wimp, and Amy was a brat. In fact, the only character I liked in Welcome to Temptation was Davy. I was concerned that I would have to put up with more unpleasant characters in Faking It, but I needn't have worried. Tilda was a great heroine, and I loved every member of her delightfully dysfunctional family. The plot was fun and absurd as only a Crusie plot can be. But scattered in amidst all the crazy situations and clever dialog were moments of real depth, in which the characters had to wrestle with painful realities that had no easy solutions. Faking It was everything I hoped it would be. It was a cleverly-written romantic comedy, but it also offered a few insights into the workings of relationships, both romantic and familial. Definitely recommended.

  • Mti Librarian
    2019-05-05 12:47

    This is one of my favorite books. I was checking out one of the library copies about every 6 months, until I finally found a paperback copy at a used bookstore in Ann Arbor and don't have to share anymore. I've also dressed up as the main character, with pink sweater, yellow scarf, artist accessories and a borrowed dachshund of the stuffed animal variety. Aside from the fabulous characters and great lines, this book has my favorite awkward sex scene. I get tired of reading typical romance paperback sex scenes where everything is perfect, predictable, and synchronized. I really appreciate the realistic, not-so-vanilla sex and Tilda's long term relationship with an appliance.Matilda Goodnight is an ashmatic artist chained to the family gallery and her mural painting business by a massive mortagage and a ton of buried family secrets. She's struggling to keep her family together and solvent while her mother Gwennie molders away over double-crostic puzzles, her sister Eve finishes a teaching degree and lets her wild side out to play 4 nights a week as the sex-kitten Louise, and her niece Nadine crashes and burns while dating careers. Into this mess steps con man and charmer Davy Dempsey, whom the reader may remember from Welcome to Temptation. Davy's looking to steal several million back from his crooked accountant and Matilda decides that she needs a thief to steal paintings back that could reveal family secrets and the antics ensue from there.

  • Jess
    2019-04-29 18:45

    This book featured THE most insane, quirky characters that I think I've ever seen. They were all nuts!! I think this is Crusie's specialty though, creating characters that are so quirky that they are amusing. Add in ridiculous situations and we have a winner!This book is not about women faking orgasms, because that's what I thought until I read the description LOL. Matilda Goodnight is the youngest daughter in her family, and yet she's the one who takes care of everyone. When her niece Nadine accidentally sells a painting that wasn't supposed to be sold, it's up to Matilda to get it back and still manage to keep the Goodnight family secret within the family. The crazy cast of characters include Gwen who is so bored with her life that she is prone to drawing teeth on things, Eve the oldest daughter in the family has two personalities, an ex-husband Andrew who decided he was gay, his new love Jeff who is just a lawyer and then there's Davy, a reformed con man.There is a connection between Davy and the Dempsey's in Crusie's Dempsey series. This book features Davy who is the brother to Sophie who we meet in the book Welcome to Temptation.The plots are just too detailed and intertwined to go through it, but just try to pay attention while reading otherwise you might lose your head.

  • Siria
    2019-05-24 18:39

    A really well done, light-hearted romance with all the zaniness you'd expect from a Crusie novel. The plot does begin to wobble apart towards the end, because there was one rather large element which I found not at all convincing, but Crusie throws so much at you—hit men and art forgeries and split personalities and families of con artists—that you just have to go with it. I also loved that the main couple, Tilda and Davy, started out having utterly mediocre sex, and only started setting the house on fire once they really got to know one another. Highly recommended.

  • Ann
    2019-05-17 16:56

    A fun, sexy read.

  • Mancho283
    2019-05-12 15:45

    3.5 สนุก ขำขัน ชอบคาแรคเตอร์พระเอกนางเอก ฉากเซ็กส์ห่วยแตกนี่ก็ชอบ แปลกดี ฮ่าๆ ฮาฉากที่ไปแอบกันในตู้เสื้อผ้าด้วย

  • Julia Shore
    2019-05-14 17:31

    Wow these books are fun.I do like that the most physically attractive woman in the book is not the female protagonist. In fact Tilda is actually the plainest of all the women in this book: Eve is described as being the good looking sister, Nadine seems to always have a string of men in tow, Gwennie seems to be the yummiest grandmother with the number of men chasing her despite her personality appearing to be so uninteresting (to those who do not know about her teeth fetish), and we cannot forget Clea who gets by on her looks alone (although to her dismay her looks only make her a millionaire which is not rich enough apparently).All the conning scenes were great, Davy and Tilda make a great pair. I really liked the different personas Tilda put on for different scenarios. We touched briefly on women going for men who are similar to their fathers. This is an actual noted trend so it is good to see it aknowledged.(view spoiler)[ That scene at the end in the closet was hilarious! Then all the secrets come out all at once and everyone is just shouting at each other until there are no more secrets. Great scene.(hide spoiler)]I like this author, I need to find one similar before I run out of her books.P.S. I can't believe that Crusie put in a sex scene of the girl pretending to come when the hero and heroine are having sex. SO AWKWARD. A very difficult scene to read. I do however like the idea of if the sex isn't all that good but the couple really like each other, they can work on the sex to make it better.

  • Jamie
    2019-05-01 15:31

    This book is NOT what I expected. I’m really into books full of mayhem right now, and Crusie should advertise mayhem on the cover. Right is wrong, wrong is right, bad is good, sane is crazy— that’s the way to my heart. Plus con artists and art thieves and a running contest to see who’s the most screwy. I love it. Right when I’m crawling out of my own skin, this is exactly the thing that I needed to read. Also: I have this thing where I’ll flip to a random page and try to make sense of it without knowing the context. Impossible to do with this book. There’s not a page that makes sense out of order. And yet in order, it makes hilarious sense.

  • Ms_prue
    2019-05-10 14:30

    Sometimes a family can be three generations of women living in an art gallery & apartment building with an artist tenant, an ex-husband, the ex-husband's new husband, and three good-looking men of dubious character who get sucked into the complicated plot vortex. And a dog. <3

  • Kath
    2019-05-14 14:56

    .5 Stars - Fun Story, but lacks typical Crusie Magic, November 19, 2008 Be sure to read "Welcome to Tempation" before you read this book. While the story stands on it's own, you get much insight about the character Davey, who is Matilda's love interest in this story.It's a great story about a family that has owned an art gallery for generations and has quite a few secrets to hide. There's certainly not a lack of subject matter for a great story with some great supporting characters. The most intersting part of this story is that most of these characters are not "straight laced" as typical Cruise stories (usually there are just a few). There's Davey - a con man that only rips off the bad guys, but is really an overall good guy, Matilda - an art forger, Eve/Louise - the sister who has two separate identities, Mitildas flighty and somewhat confused mother, Michael - Davey's way crooked father, Simon - a crooked friend of Davey's, Eve's gay ex-husband and all around nice guy and others....The only thing that was a bit disappointing was the relationship between Matilda and Davey. Throughout most of it, Matilda is very frigid because of the secrets she is afraid she'll reveal. Because of this, the attraction that Davey has for Matilda seems a bit false at times. Perhaps I am a bit biased because I loved his character and hoped for more for Davey. Matilda is sweet, but not as lovable as the characters that Crusie seems to bring to life.Overall, I enjoyed the story, but think it's only worthy of 3.5 stars.

  • Rebecca
    2019-05-13 10:41

    I always see tons of books from this author at the library and last month was like chick-lit month on the welcome table and this book was on it, so what the hell, I picked it up. It was eh. She has written a lot of books and it’s kind of disappointing when the first one you pick up from a new-to-you author is not that great. Because you know there is some good stuff out there, but you don’t have the motivation to pick any up because of the first one you read. Anyway, this one was about a family who owns an art gallery, but has sold fake paintings in the past. I hate recapping books with people where the lives intertwined and this book was it. Some of it was confusing, because they would call the same person by two different names (I hate that!) and one of the characters like had some sort of split personality and it was the same person, but she went by two different names. I don’t like books with a lot of characters and while this book didn’t have that many, all the different names messed me up a little bit. It would make an easy movie though.Grade: C-

  • Brownbetty
    2019-05-03 11:49

    I've read it before, but last time I read it I hadn't read Welcome to Temptation, which shares some characters and takes place prior. And I was feeling nostalgic for it. Re-reading it, it definitely confirms my memory of it as a really great read, possibly Crusie's best. It won't tug at your heart strings, but you probably won't put it down 'till you finish it, either.One of the great things about this book is the bad!sex our heroine has with our hero. No flowery metaphors about fireworks, just awkward sex, and this does not doom them as a couple.Also contains a gay man not in the role of 'terminally single gay best friend,' but in the role of father. For a mainstream romance, this is moderately progressive.Contains a dog, who is criminally underused.

  • Punk
    2019-05-03 15:51

    Romance. The Goodnight family's been bent for four centuries, but Tilda Goodnight's going straight, as soon as she steals a forged painting and makes out with the con man she meets while hiding in the closet. This was the second time I read this, and I liked it even more this time around. Crusie's plots are a little formulaic -- there is a stray dog in every book and usually a murder -- but her writing's vivid and funny, her characters are imperfect and likable, and the sex is generally hot and free of romance novel cliches. But this isn't just a romance. Tilda's family -- and all of their problems -- play a big part in the book, along with a cast of enjoyable supporting characters with all of their accompanying subplots. This is a novel with con jobs, art forgery, the FBI, a dachshund named Steve, and a couple who actually have some bad sex before they know each other well enough to have the good stuff. Five stars. I like all of Crusie's novels, but this is my favorite.

  • Sheri
    2019-05-01 13:43

    Faking It (Jennifer Crusie)Novel/Romance/Mystery this is about the Goodnight family. Matilda, Her sister Eve, Her niece Natalie and her mother Gwen. They are a family in the art business who own a failing Gallery. Tilda is a counterfeit artist, she meets her match in a closet, literally )with con-artist Davy Dempsey. She asks him to help her steal back her artwork and the adventure begins. Davy has been scammed by his financial manager (Ronald aka Rabbit) who is in love with Davy's ex, who just happens to be a gold-digger, whom Davy had ripped off. Family, secrets, drama twists and turns. Fast paced funny read, with just enough romance to add to this mix. Exciting and suspenseful up until the unpredictable end. I really enjoyed this one, and look forward to more work by Ms. Crusie

  • Angela
    2019-05-03 10:47

    Just wanted to make a quick comment as I am reading...Men are donuts or muffins....Donuts make you drool, and you want them now...but they don't last (the next morning they are all stickin' to the bag, and are gross)Muffins are good, but you don't NEED a muffin. but they last, they are good the next day, and even the next.*****This is one confusing book -- The Gals - Gwen, Nadine, Eve, Louise, Tilda, Matlida, Scarlet, Vilma, Betty, and CleaThe Guys - Tony, Andrew, Ethan, Kyle, Burton, Davy, Simon, Ford, Mason, Thomas, Homerbut Eve is Louise, and Tilda is Matilda, Scarlet, Vilma and Betty....and Gwen is Homer --- and then there are the cons, and the FBI, and OMG confusing.a pretty good book, but I don't see myself rushing out to find more by this author.