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This book can be read as a standalone novel or part of the series.What do an underground Zionist cell, a Harlem drug dealer and the Russian mob have in common? Diamonds.Diamonds Never Die is another rollicking mystery thriller featuring Raja Williams, a world-renowned private detective with a nose for trouble and his high-tech partner Vinny Moore.After an innocent Jewish wThis book can be read as a standalone novel or part of the series.What do an underground Zionist cell, a Harlem drug dealer and the Russian mob have in common? Diamonds.Diamonds Never Die is another rollicking mystery thriller featuring Raja Williams, a world-renowned private detective with a nose for trouble and his high-tech partner Vinny Moore.After an innocent Jewish woman is brutally stabbed in Central Park, Raja and Vinny head to New York to find out why. The case takes Raja undercover into the Harlem drug scene, and puts Vinny into a Russian strip club in Brighton Beach. Stirring the pot as only Raja and Vinny can do lands them both in danger and into the crosshairs of an international assassin known only as the Spider.Raja's intuitive skills and Vinny's computer wizardry are tested, as they race to solve the girl's murder before more bodies, including their own, end up dead.Fun dialogue, strong characters and a roller-coaster plot make Diamonds Never Die a must read....

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diamonds never die Reviews

  • Nancy Silk
    2019-04-07 10:43

    "Intelligent Crime Solver, Raja Williams, At His Best"This is Book 4 of the Raja Williams Mystery Series, and it is absolutely the best! It takes place in New York City, the mega-metropolis of the world, a place of the rich, the poor, artists and felons, gigantic buildings so tall when you look up it's hard not to fall over. To rival the fast pace of the city life there is tranquil Central Park in the middle of Manhattan with ponds, hiking and horse trails, and rolling green hills peppered with awesome trees. By day it's a serene place for city dwellers to enjoy; at night it can be a place to haunt one as the drug dealers, muggers, and deviants are out seeking vulnerable prey. Mary Bloomfeld is a hardworking accountant working for her Uncle Avram who owns one of the many diamond exchanges, Goldfarb Diamonds. On this day she is having difficulty balancing the inventory records. After re-checking her work, she concludes that Uncle Avram must have transferred some money to an account where she has no access. While he is out of his office, she manages to access his computer and since it's the end of the workday she copies all the pertinent files in one account onto a flash drive. She'll locate the information she needs in the evening at home. Early the next morning she decides to return to work by way of Central Park. Only one man passes by her, then stops, asks if she is Mary Bloomberg. She nods yes, and then is stabbed three times, falling to her death. Many joggers pass by her body, not wanting to become involved. Soon Detective Gerald "Mac" McBain and his rookie partner, Lacey Armstrong, are assigned to the investigation. After a few days of not finding a weapon, witnesses, or much evidence, the pressure is on them from higher up to shelf the case as cold. Mary's family is devastated with not only the loss of their only daughter, but also the lack of further investigative efforts of the NYC police. The family's rabbi, David Levine, is also very concerned about the lack of the pursuit of the case. He offers Mary's father a business card of a man who can get the crime solved: private detective, Raja Williams. Raja Williams has inherited a vast amount of wealth and may be considered a 'one-percenter.' However, he has class and respect for all as he donates his services to resolve this crime, and he also uncovers vile crimes which involve Russian mafia-type organizations. He's intelligent (somewhat reminding me of the detective Nero Wolfe), handsome, debonair, and follows a strict set of rules to solve crimes. This is a fast paced mystery in which I absolutely became engulfed. Jack Thompson has a wonderful writing style exhibiting boldness and strength, Because of it's excellent editing, it's a fast and fulfilling story to excite the reader. Don't wait, read this'll want to read all the books in this extraordinary series.

  • Cameron Wiggins
    2019-04-07 08:57

    Jack’s writing and the Raja Williams series just keeps getting better and better. In the first novel in the series, it took just awhile to get used to Raja Williams’ character. But, once I did, I became a junkie. Jack has done a fine writing job developing this series.A seemingly, completely innocent young Jewish girl has been murdered on her way home from the family jewelry store. The New York police, more or less, write it off as just another mugging and murder that is unsolvable. The family calls in Raja on a tip from a friend.Raja begins his investigation into the death, and soon comes to an entirely different conclusion than the New York Police Department. Raja and his side kick Vinny begin to investigate the matter further. A couple of New York detectives join in the pursuit.It turns out that the diamond trade is quite the illicit trade for virtually untraceable money. It is like gold. Cash leaves a trail. The Russians seem to have the diamond trade fairly well under control. Illegal, uncut diamonds are laundered through frightened jewelry store owners and used in trade for everything from drugs to women and prostitution.Before you know it Vinny and Raja are onto a strip joint that must be involved somehow. The Russian prison organized crime family is involved somehow, but how? And, surely, the young female victim cannot be involved in this business. But, who is?Raja and Vinny continue to probe with Vinny undercover and nerves are struck. They have probed where they should not have. The FBI has been conducting an undercover operation for quite some time. The Russians are on edge, too. More bodies fall. Where is this all going? Who all is really involved?Jack’s novel takes many twists and turns. The reader is sucked into the maze of adventure and deceit. The novel has many surprises for the reader, and the book is very hard to put down. Diamonds Never Die is a very good thriller. In fact, it made my top 10 list for 2014. So, I would have no other problems recommending this book to other readers. If that includes you, you may wish to put Diamonds Never Die on your to-read list for 2015. Enjoy it.Cam

  • March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room
    2019-04-10 08:57

    Review: DIAMONDS NEVER DIE (A RAJA WILLIAMS MYSTERY)  by Jack ThompsonThe killing of a mild-mannered Jewish female accountant in Central Park strikes homicide detectives as simply a random mugging gone fatal. However, the victim was employed in the diamond industry, as a bookkeeper in her uncle's business; and where diamonds are, so go greed, concupiscence, and the violation of all sorts of commandments and laws. The mayor wants the case closed, but when Raja Williams and super-hacker sidekick Vinny enter the scene, a quiet closure is the last possibility. Stirring up drug dealing and Russian Mafiya, Raja and Vinny find themselves really put to the test to save themselves as well as to uncover the truth.

  • Shirley
    2019-03-28 09:51

    I really do like this series of books about this character and I already can't wait for the next one. I just love reading everything about this character there were a lot of interesting facts that came out about the diamond and money laundering criminal element as well as human trafficking.

  • Mandy
    2019-03-31 14:56

    I received Diamonds Never Die in return for an honest review from the author. Raja only takes cases that speak to him you and he doesn’t do it for the money either. So when the family of a young woman who was murdered in central park comes his way he knows he needs to take this case. With the help of Vinny his trusty partner and computer hacker extraordinaire they head to New York to solve the case that the cops so easily marked as unsolved. Raja and Vinny can’t find a reason for Mary to be murdered so they start looking into her brother what they find is more sinister than they could have imagined.Raja finds help in the young female detective who isn’t ready to give up the case even if her superiors want her too. Soon Raja is neck deep in diamonds, drugs, strippers, Russian mob and no closer to figuring out why Mary was murdered. While Vinny goes undercover as a waitress in the strip club Raja does his own undercover work buying drugs. As the pair gets deeper and deeper into the drug world they will both be tested and pushed to their limits. Risking their lives to do the right thing in order to find out the truth and stop a dangerous killer.I love Raja he’s my favorite detective character I just can’t get enough of him. He reminds me of one of my favorite movies detectives add in the yellow lotus that he’s driving and all I see is Dick Tracy. He’s just a good guy with a good heart who wants to do what’s right even if all he gets in return is a favor. I love Vinny she’s not your typical beautiful girl but has a brain and prefers to wear and hat and baggy clothes. Together they both complement each other and I can’t see one without the other like Sam Beckett and Al from Quantum Leap can’t have one without the other.Diamonds Never Die is the fourth installment in the latest Raja Williams series. I’m not a huge detective fan it’s just not my thing so falling in love with a detective series is kind of shocking for me. There is just something so captivating about the characters you can’t help falling in love with them as they take on new cases. Diamonds Never Die is action packed right from the start loaded with mystery and intrigue that captures the imagination and kept me on the edge of my seat till the very end. I love the way the two interact together they have a witty dialogue that makes you laugh. I read the novel in one afternoon from cover to cover unable to put it down till the last page. It’s one of those series you must read if you’re a mystery fan. I can’t wait for the next one. I can only imagine what will happen next to Raja and Vinny. Loved the book Diamonds Never Die and can see myself reading the series over and over.

  • Jane
    2019-04-21 09:43

    Raja Williams takes a murder case in New York City to help a Jewish family find closure after their daughter Mary is murdered in broad daylight in Central Park. Raja follows his rules and unravels the mystery despite Russian mobsters, drug dealers, uncut diamond smugglers, human trafficking and lots of action. With the help of Vinny, his super smart computer wizard he find clues in the places where they are missing information; they help a young couple find escape from the Russians and a future together and in the end the case is closed. I loved this exciting mystery and Raja is pretty cool too in Diamonds Never Die.

  • Marti
    2019-04-16 09:04

    Fantastic ThrillerRaja and Ginny travel to New York City to help a Jewish family find the killer of their daughter. They find drug dealers, Russian gangsters, an illegal diamond trade, and few corrupt Government employees. Jack Thompson weaves the characters together into one cohesive story. If you want a page turning thriller, this is the book.