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Odile Rochefort Annesley has been in self-imposed exile in France for 40 years. When, with her 80th birthday approaching, she contacts her grandchildren to give them details of her will, her granddaughters see a chance for a family reunion....

Title : Family Reunion
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ISBN : 9780751539165
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Family Reunion Reviews

  • Paula Brandon
    2019-04-13 16:00

    If you enjoy reading about incest, this is the book for you!I was quite disgusted by the fact that Dominic Carlisle was basically trying to sleep with all six of his second cousins. Gross! What on earth was wrong with him?By the end, it wasn't really clear why the killer was killing or why they chose those particular people to kill and not others. Or maybe I was so turned off by the constant incest that I wasn't really all that interested in paying attention!

  • Bridget Bailey
    2019-04-19 13:00

    This was my first book by this author. Reading the back of it, sounded intriguing so I picked it up. The family tree is so large, you have to constantly flip back and forth between where you are reading and the family tree they provide which can be annoying as there are so many characters presented in the beginning. It starts off interesting, introducing all of the characters in the book. One thing I did not enjoy was the way the one cousin was going around flirting and kissing and sleeping with some of his other cousins while not telling them who he was. Then they all find out and they continue to want to be with him. It's weird that it's ok for cousins to be together when that is not the case today so I was really thrown by that and didn't understand it or like it at all especially when the author made a specific point of saying the grandparents were cousins and they married and had 10 children and that was taboo and shouldn't be done; however, acted like it was ok for these other cousins to do it. So weird and gross. I was able to guess who was doing the murdering although I couldn't figure out why but then it all becomes somewhat clear in the end. You don't get all of the answers and quite frankly it's all a little weird to begin with but it was a different and interesting read. I may try one more of her books to see if it's better.

  • Maureen Vincent-Northam
    2019-04-04 11:04

    Odile Annesley has lived alone in France for forty odd years. She contacts her grandchildren in order to give them the gist of her will and they get together and plan a family party in France. We get to meet many of this family – and there are at least a million of them so it was, at times, very confusing. Some characters’ lives were more interesting than others and, where we were subjected to those whose stories didn’t form the main action, I have to admit I found myself skimming over the text. A mysterious young man enters the storylines that involved the five very different granddaughters and, throughout, we get taken back to past times when various people were married to somebody else and read about sudden deaths of people we never really get to meet (did I say it was confusing?)But, the second half of the book had me riveted and the closer it got to the climax, the more gripping it was. Improbable at times perhaps, but absorbing and pretty scary.

  • Kimberly Roberts
    2019-03-24 08:03

    I was intrigued by the synopsis on the inside cover, thinking this was a real whodunit book by a British author. And it is, in a way, with a lot of focus on several cousins in a very large family that is spread out around the world. Some of the family members have never even met. There is a family tree outlined before the book even begins, and I found myself referring back to it very often, as the author brings each family member into the story. It has some very interesting twists, and by the time I got halfway through, I couldn't hardly put it down. It begins with the murders of two elderly family members, and then takes off from there. I have another book of this author and will most likely look for more, as I really did enjoy the book. It was different from what I have read before and was a good change for me. I would recommend it.

  • Jenness
    2019-03-28 13:18

    this one was too confusing for me to stay with it. there were too many characters introduced within the first few chapters and I just couldn't keep their relationships straight. I was spending more time flipping to the front of the book to try to find people on the family tree than actually reading the story. I did skip to the back (something I rarely do) just to satisfy my curiousity as to how it ended. that was sufficient.

  • Jean
    2019-04-01 13:17

    A fairly good modern gothic novel set in the U. S. and France. There were many characters, all related to each other, which became confusing at times. The author provided a family tree to let the reader know who was whom. I referred back to it many times. The pace was good; I wanted to keep reading the book after my bedtime and did some nights. Would recommend this author to others.

  • Joni
    2019-03-24 13:03

    A great mystery. Many family members to keep track of but still a good read.

  • Kaylol
    2019-04-06 15:22

    An unexpected ending..

  • Alison Jones
    2019-03-29 15:13

    Quick read but a bit confusing at times as there were so many family members. Had to keep checking the family tree provided at the front.

  • MicheleinNJ
    2019-04-21 12:07

    Kind of like an Agatha Christie story, where a group of people are gathered together in a creepy house and get killed off one by one. The surprise ending wasn't all that surprising.

  • Robyn Teare
    2019-04-07 08:03

    I quite liked this book and it was well written, but I worked out who the murderer was fairly early on, and Dominic's interaction with Harry was never properly explained which really annoyed me.

  • Rowena Eddins
    2019-03-31 15:08