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Tom's job as an assistant to Captain John Ericsson, the inventor of the Monitor, makes him a target of Confederate spies....

Title : Iron Thunderthe Battle Between The Monitor & the Merrimac:A Civil War Novel
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Iron Thunderthe Battle Between The Monitor & the Merrimac:A Civil War Novel Reviews

  • Nick Nourse
    2019-04-22 14:39

    Author: Avi Iron Thunder By Nick NourseThis book takes place in the mid – late 1800’s during the Civil War. On a naval ship called the Monitor. This book is based on eye witness accounts and there really was a Tom Carroll on the monitor. The two main characters in this book are Tom Carroll & Captain Ericsson. Tom is young boy (13) whose father recently died for his country during the civil war. Tom is now forced to support his family (mom & sister) by getting a job in the navy. He starts as a messenger and works his way up to a crew member. The man in charge is a man named Captain Ericsson. Captain Ericsson is an older man with an idea of a war ship made of iron. Everyone thinks that he is crazy but they work & listen to him anyway because they need the money. But on the day of the Monitor’s departure the men struck the blocks and……. Stuff happened. PLOT: As the monitor sails away into the deep, Dark Ocean the crew discovers ships and lots of them. Their own actually, but they’re burning and sinking. But they find ANOTHER ship, another iron ship…QUOTE: “If you told me that I was going to be part of the most amazing adventure of the whole war, I would’ve called you a liar-flat out. Except it was no lie-I was there-I saw it all.”

  • Ryan Pomerenke
    2019-04-09 11:21

    “Iron Thunder” is about a thirteen year old boy named Thomas Carroll who unexpectedly joined the navy during the Civil War to fight on the Union ironclad, the Monitor. Tom’s father died only ten months into the war. Because of this, Tom needed to find a job to support his mother and sister. He lands a job working to construct the USS Monitor, and soon befriends the ship’s designer, John Ericsson. Tom eventually joins the crew and sets off for Hampton Roads, Virginia, where the Monitor was supposed to stop the Confederate ironclad, the Merrimack, from destroying the union blockade. This story shows the struggles and successes Tom and the ship faced on their way to Virginia and during the battle with the Merrimack. Thomas Carroll is the main character. He mainly interacts with the ship’s Captain, John Worden. The ship’s designer, John Ericsson, also plays a prominent role in the book. The author, Avi, uses mainly direct characterization. “Iron Thunder” takes place in the early months of 1862. The beginning of the book is set in Brooklyn, New York. After the Monitor is constructed, Tom and the crew battle the Merrimack in Virginia. There were two main themes in this book: determination and courage. Initially, Tom’s goal was to earn money to support his family. Because he was desperate for money, Tom ended up joining the Navy and serving on the USS Monitor. . Although he was only a young boy, Tom was brave enough to go to war and fight on a ship that most people thought was going to be a failure. I enjoyed reading “Iron Thunder”. The book is a quick and easy read that kept me fascinated. I would recommend this book to anybody of any age that is interested in the Civil War.

  • Nolan Kiley
    2019-03-26 07:34

    Preview: I wanted to read this book because I felt like learning about the civil war would be interesting. I like books that involve action, and obviously a book about a war will involve action. Also the cover of the book is a kid, like me, so I knew I could most likely relate in many ways. Predict: I predicted in this book that the end was going to be a standoff,I also predicted that they would come up short in the first battle. One other thing I predicted that Tom was going to have a tough time getting over his fathers loss.Visualizing: what Tom went threw or had to do is crazy, I can't imagine me having to take a job to support my family. Than having to be stuck between two bad things, encounter with murderous spies, and a battle at sea in iron coffin. To me that is crazy for a 13 year old. Making inferences: On this book I thought Tom was going to give up. I did not think a 13 year old had it in him to do this. If I tried to get a job to support my family I would be miserable, after that encounter two very dangerous things!? Connect: I can connect with Tom because I have gone through some hard times to. But just like he did, I managed to fight through it and get over it. Tom was very brave also as you can see, and I think I am pretty brave myself.

  • Nancy (Colorado)
    2019-04-09 09:25

    A third grade teacher read. Based on the Monitor and the Merrimac. More appropriate for 5th graders than 3rd but very well written. Told through the eyes of Tom a 13 year old boy who worked on the Monitor.

  • 17jace17
    2019-04-09 07:20

    this book is really good it is about an iron clad in the civil war named the monotar and it is in a real civil war battle.

  • Mia Durham
    2019-04-08 12:43

    I liked how this book proved even if your little you can always solve a problem.

  • Ryan
    2019-04-01 08:23

    Today’s generation rarely has their first job at age 13. But during the American Civil War all hands were needed. When Tom’s father dies fighting for his county, Tom must go to work to help support the family. He will get a ring side seat in history as he helps build, launch, and fight on the Monitor. The Monitor was one of the first two ironclads in american history. Its opponent was the Merrimac, who was larger, longer, and deeper. This story follows Tom as he becomes a helpmate to the designer of the ship. But spies bound, and Tom needs to feed his family. Avi is always about his best when he puts a younger reader in the middle of history. He writes with authority, but also heart as you go through the trials and tribulations. You feel the difficulty of life. The motor shells wiz by your head, and the engine smoke makes you cough. Only a great author can put you in the middle of history, and Avi deserves his place at this table.

  • LindaJ^
    2019-04-11 13:46

    I read this grade school level book to determine if it would be an appropriate gift for a young boy. I think it does and hopefully so will his parents. It tells the story of a 13-year old boy named Tom whose father, a soldier in the Union Army, was killed early in the Civil War. Tom, his mother, and his sister Dolly live in Brooklyn. Tom's mother tells him he needs to get a job as she and Dolly aren't making enough to cover expenses. This means Tom has to quit school. He gets a job as the assistant to the man who is building an iron-sided ship. The book tells the story of how the Monitor was built and its battle with the Merrimac. It also brings up a number of interesting side stories, such as the illness of Tom's sister (consumption) and Southern spies around the naval yards. And, of course, there is child labor. I think it would be a good book for a family read.

  • Patrick Frommer
    2019-03-28 13:48

    Tom is a teenager in the civil war that needs to get a job because his father died and he must help his family make a living.He got a job to build a war ship called the Moniter.He later found out there were spies working with them and they were in the civil war.He then was forced to fight in war and had to fight other ships trying to survive and win.I rate this book an 8/10 because it is full of action and crazy moments.I would recomend this book to people that like fighting and action stories.

  • Erin
    2019-04-22 15:31

    The story was good, but I was not excited about reading it and only did so because it was recommended on a book selection committee on which I serve. Good historical connection and Avi is a compelling storyteller but I won't be buying this for the library as I think it would be a hard sell for our students and it would not get checked out.

  • Anna
    2019-04-02 08:40

    pretty cool. I like these genres of books :)

  • Nathan
    2019-03-24 07:28

    Not bad for a kids historical fiction.

  • Kris Dickens
    2019-04-16 11:36

    Listened to the audiobook with my 4 kids on vacation. It managed to keep the interest of my husband down to my 9 year old son. We call that a win in our house.

  • Ashley Fultz
    2019-04-03 10:22

    Civil War, Iron clad, The Merrimac Vs. The Monitor

  • Hannah
    2019-04-03 07:32

    Avi is just like Ann Rinaldi… so much potential, and then- meh.

  • Robert
    2019-04-04 10:35

    For my first book of the year, from the historical fiction genre, I read Iron Thunder by AVI I-Witness. Iron Thunder takes place during the civil war from the view of a thirteen year old Brooklyn boy named Tom Carroll.Tom’s father has just passed away and his family is going through are hard time and is tight on money. So Tom strays away from the local paper route and finds a job in the nearby shipyards. The job that Tom ends up finding is more than interesting. Tom ends up working on an Ironclad, that being an iron plated, or completely iron ship, that of which nothing of it’s kind has been made before. The book tells of Tom’s time working on this new type of ship and racing to finish building such a ship to fight against the confederate’s own Ironclad made from a stollen Union ship! Iron Thunder is very good read, since the text is fairly large and nicely spaced. The only negative to the book is the size, the book could definitely be a bit longer, but I guess it’s short and sweet. I would rate this book at like a three, because it wasn’t to bad of a read and was actually good. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a historical fiction book quick.

  • Miss Sarah
    2019-04-10 07:42

    Told from the perspective a young boy, this book charts the course of the building of the iron ship the Monitor during the civil war. A great historical piece about a turning point for the US Navy and our country.

  • Leeann
    2019-03-26 11:25

    I'm an Avi fan from way back and this didn't disappoint. Avi is very adept at making history come alive. I appreciated the many drawings as well as the technical aspect of this story. I learned a lot.

  • Steven
    2019-04-21 07:50

    The father of a teenager named Tom Carrel was killed during the the war of the Union between the states. He needs a job because his sister is really ill and his mother has a job that pays poorly. Tom found work at his hometown in Brooklyn, New York working for a genius that works for the Navy his name was Captain John Erricson. Tom soon realises that he is working on a ship that he had never known could float and that is said to be the Unions only hope to win the war. A ship made of Iron. Tom was stopped one day on his way home from work by a strange man. The man asked him about the ship and offered him money. Tom realized that he was a rebel(copperhead). The rebel had then followed Tom many times, buit one night the rebel had been found out by police and was arrested. The cop told Tom that they would not be able to keep him behind bars because they had no evidence.Tom found out why the ship was the Unions hope of winning. Turns out that the Union decided to send many ships to blockade the rebels from Europe because the rebels need to trade with them in order to win. But the rebels had stolen the best steam ship that the Union had the "Merrimac" and it was said that they were reparing it, giving it Iron layers, and alot of gun power. Some thats when the Union decided that they would make their own Iron ship to attack their Iron ship. The rebel ship was said to be a sea monster. The Iron ship was finally finished and didn't sink. That's when Tom told his mother and sister bye because he decided that the rebel that had threatened him would probably look for him. So he sailed had part of the crew on the ship and was loyal to his captain named Captain John Warden. The ship sailed along with Tom in it to the south toward the Confederate States of America and it capital Virginia. On the way they found out that they weren't commanded to go toward Virgina, but to Washington. They heard that the Marrimac had been attacking Fortress Monroe, the largest fort in the United States. The Iron ship had a confrontment with the Marrimac. The Marrimac had been badly damaged by the Iron ship, but the Marrimac had attacked the Iron ship in the section were Captain John Waren had been at. 20 minutes had passed while the crew attended their captain and the Marrimac took the advantage to flee. The Union had won. The rebels had repaired the Marrimac, but destroyed it for fear that the Union would reclaim it. Tom kept on sailing on the Iron ship during the war. Until, the ship sank in a terrible sea storm. Later on during the war the Union created more Iron Ships and Tom spent most of his life on them. This book is interesting because it's about an important event and war in the United Sates History. This book is about how a boy had an adventurous life because of the mistakes he made in life. I give this book five stars and recommend this book to everyone and would like people to read it.

  • Aden
    2019-04-16 11:25

    Iron Thunder takes place during the Civil War in Brooklyn, New York. Continental Iron Works is the building shed where the Monitor, the great ironclad ship, is being built to save the Union. The setting eventually moves to Hampton Roads where the Monitor and Merrimac face off. These settings and the events that take place in this story are actual events that happened during the Civil War. Tom Carroll is the thirteen-year-old, newspaper boy who is forced to take a job as assistant to the inventor of the Monitor after his dad is killed in the war and his family is short on money. The story is told in first person by Tom. The setting shapes his character by forcing him to take the job for his family. Also, he is forced to make the choice between seeing his family or possibly jeopardizing the mission of the Monitor. The choice between helping his family out and being loyal to the Union is one of the conflicts that Tom faces. After Tom’s father dies in the Civil War fighting for the Union, Tom’s family still can not get by with his wages as a newspaper boy. Tom must take a job as an assistant to Captain John Ericsson, an inventor and the man in charge of building the Monitor. After a few weeks after the long hard hours of working for Captain Ericsson, Tom is approached by a Confederate spy who offers Tom gold in exchange for what he knows about the Monitor. Now Tom is faced with a choice: Money to help his family get by or loyalty to his country and Captain Ericsson. Tom doesn’t want to get tangled up with the spies and is allowed to board on the ship to prevent encounters with them. He decides not to take the money. As the Monitor is being constructed Captain Ericsson tells Tom that he would like him to make the journey on the Monitor to its face-off with the Merrimac. Many trials are faced on the journey and when the Monitor finally arrives at Hampton Roads, the Union blockade of Confederate trade with Europe, it prepares to battle the much larger Confederate Merrimac. Eventually after a day and a half long battle, the Monitor’s flawless design and performance earns the Union a major win that might have won the war for the Union. Tom grows to learn to trust his heart and do what is best during the story. I loved the way Avi created multiple conflicts and used the first-person perspective to show how Tom dealt with the many tough decisions he faced. I also enjoyed how the situations Tom faced seemed credible and realistic for the setting and story. The inclusion of actual historical figures such as Captain John Ericsson helped this book to connect to history even more. Overall, I feel that Avi did a great job with character portrayal, conflict development and resolution, and creating credible events.

  • Danny N
    2019-04-11 08:50

    I chose to read Iron Thunder, by Avi. This book takes place during the Civil war in Brooklyn, New York and the main character is a supporter of the North. The book starts as a small family is struggling to survive. The young boy, Tom, is the only male in the house because his father went off to the war, is forced to find work to support them. He ends up getting a job with a crazy shipbuilder, Captain John Ericsson, as his assistant. John is working on something that, at the time, would never work, an iron boat. This is probably the biggest point throughout the whole book. Everybody at the time thought that this guy was crazy and outcast him for having revolutionary ideas. People just thought it would sink and kill them all. He had a great idea, a team of people who believed in him, and the resources to make his idea happen. At first, the Tom thought of the idea the same way the rest of the people did. But after the captain explained how the plan is going to work and just seeing the captain’s determination, the he changed the way he thought about the whole project. I think that our world is very quick to make opinions about different or unusual ideas without knowing hardly anything about them. These opinions or thoughts are formed mostly from the influence of people around us. As children, we learn to do this from the our parents do. And Tom is no different. From what Tom learned from his mother and probably his father he has formed an opinion about his new job. But unlike some of us, he changed the way he thought about the project because he had new knowledge that differs from what he was taught. There was a chapter in the book where Tom was coming home from his new job and was approached by a strange man that he had never seen before. This man wanted to know what was going on behind the closed doors of the ironworks yard. And he was willing to pay a pretty large amount of money to find out. Tom knew there was something wrong about this situation. So he did the right thing and just ran away and got some help. The man turned out to be a confederate spy. I think that there are more than a few people who wouldn't do the right thing. They would just be thinking about themselves and take the money. This would put the south, or the enemies, at an advantage and the rest of the allies at a greater risk. If this little boy could make a decision like this, why can’t grown adults do the same.

  • Erica
    2019-04-10 09:23

    Book Talk: Tom's father is dead and he doesn't even know exactly how or where. All he knows is that his father died fighting for the union and now he has to find a job to support his family. A small, thirteen-year-old like Tom can't afford to be picky, so when he's offered a job building a new ironcald ship under Captain Ericsson he takes it, even though everyone calls the ship Ericsson's Folly. No one can see how a ship made of metal will ever be able to float. But the longer he works there, the more faith he has in Captain Ericsson and his ironclad ship. And he's not the only one--spies are coming at him in the street to try and get information. Should he take their money and betray the Union his father died fighting for or should he risk sailing on the iron ship and hope he doesn't end up on the bottom of the sea? Will the boat even be finished in time to save the Union cause? Captain Ericsson may be a genius, but he has a touch of madness to him as well.Rocks My Socks: Normally I don't much care for war novels and I get bored quickly during battle scenes, but this one held my attention throughout. I found the historic details fascinating and I like the specificity of it--focusing on the building of the Monitor and its famous battle against the Merrimac instead of trying to encompass the entire sweep of the Civil War. I also love the additions to the text--the pages of headlines to provide context and the actual photographs and drawings from that period mixed in with the illustrations for the story. There's also a glossary, further information on the real events in the book, and a bibliography at back, which I always appreciate.Rocks In My Socks: The characters weren't very complex or layered. I didn't feel particularly attached to any of them. The story was really more about the Monitor than Tom.Every Book Its Reader: I'd recommend this to 8-12 year-olds with an interest in historical fiction or the Civil War. The amount of detail about the period would make it a great read to supplement and personalize a unit on the Civil War. The novel is geared towards boys more and has very little female presence, but that's war novels for you. Read more of my reviews at

  • Alex Church
    2019-03-27 09:46

    This book seemed appealing compared to Civil War Stories since they were both centralized around the civil war. It was factual, but the plot play out was a little slow. In the book, a boy named Tom must work in an iron factory to support his family after his dad is killed in the war. He gets tied up in creating the iron clad "Monitor" for the union army. While working, he was targeted for information for confederate spies because he was the assistant to the ship's creator, Captain Ericsson. So Tom has a struggle on whether or not he should give in to the spies and their bribes, or if he should stand strong beside the captain. Tom chose to not give information to the spies and managed to escape their attempts to harm him. Eventually the spies are captured by the police and Tom sets sail on the Monitor. During his sailing, a storm occurs and the ship nearly sinks from taking on water. The entire crew had to resort to take refuge on the turret of the ship and then bailing out the ship to resume their duty. They went on to fight the confederate ship the "Merrimac" and both sides had to eventually retreat, so no one was sure who had won. The union had defended their naval blockade and the confederacy had also destroyed some small parts of the union's base. Over the next few months, Tom stayed with the Monitor. On December thirtieth, there was another rain storm and the Monitor sank. After this, Tom continued sailing with other ironclads, and after the war, he returned home to Brooklyn to be a carpenter. Overall I really enjoyed the book and it was very realistic, very much like Civil War Stories.

  • Marco
    2019-04-16 10:39

    Tom Carroll is thirteen year old boy that just lost his father fighting for the Union. Now he is living with his mother and his sister, Dora. His mother and Dora both work, cleaning laundry. Dora is always getting sick, though, so because his father is now gone Tom has to get a job. His mother got him a job through the man she worked for. Tom worked at the iron works as a messenger boy for Captain Ericsson, where the Union was buildingThe Monitor .The Monitoris a ship made of iron with a turret on it. It's supposed to win the Union the war. Because this was a war they were in, there were both Union and Confederate spies that would try to get information out of people that worked on the big projects. Mr. Quinn is a Confederate spy that was trying to get information from Tom aboutThe Monitor . Mr. Quinn tried bribing him with gold coins and with steak because he knew that Tom's family wasn't doing too well. Eventually, Mr. Quinn threatened to kill Tom by flashing him, his gun. He got away from a close call but Mr. Quinn would be back. Captain Worden the captain ofThe Monitorfound Tom sleeping in the turret of the ship so he figured he loved the ship so much that he might join the crew. Tom was left with hard decision stay and face murderous spies or go and face death in battle. I thought thatIron Thunder was a great book because I really like historical fiction and stories of boys my age and their struggles in life.I recommend this book to kids all ages that like historical fiction and stories with struggles that you could actually face in life.

  • Allison DeMeo
    2019-04-07 14:48

    Personal Reaction: This book was not what I expected it to be. I really liked how this book talked about the time period. I learned a lot in the first 4 pages about that moment in history. It has a lot of information about spies, which I didn't even know were a real thing. The book was fast paced, and easy to read. The only bad thing about this book for me was not being able to relate. I have never had anyone in my family pass away and I also have never had to deal with anyone being in the war. Purpose: Read aloud- As a teacher the only reason to read this book out loud would be for a social studies or history lesson. If we were learning about war, this book would be good. I also think I could relate this to a lesson about boats. Boats were important back in the day for transportation and exchanging goods across the world. This book talks a lot about how to build the perfect boat and what not to build it out of. But mostly read aloud for social studies class to get the students to picture this time period.Independent Reading-This would be a good read for an upper level elementary male student. This is a book that deals with a lot of conflict. It can teach students about conflict and resolution and also good decision making. I would lean more toward the male audience since the main character is a boy and he goes through work, so the boys would be able to relate more. Another reason to independent read this if you have a student in the class that has a military mom or dad or you know a student has been struggling with money. The main concept to grasp from reading this alone would be how to make a good decision, and how to fix problems in your life.

  • Claudia
    2019-04-10 15:24

    At first I was put off by the narrator's voice...Tom Carroll's diction is much more advanced than his schooling in Brooklyn NY, in the middle of the Civil War. But he grew on me as I watched him struggle, and I ended up liking this book a lot.1862 -- Tom and his mother and sister are trying to make ends meet after the death of Mr. Carroll on the battlefield. Tom's paper route after school can't contribute enough so he must quit school and go to work in the Navy Yards. He expects to work in the conventional ships of the day, but he is sidelined to work on Ericcson't Folly -- the ironclad Monitor. The Monitor is a completely new design and no one in the Yards really believes the thing will float. How could a metal ship float?Tom gets to know the major players and watch the ship be constructed. The turret, the innards...everything is completely revolutionary. Amazing. Ridiculous. There's a subplot about Confederate spys who are trying to learn the designs...Copperheads, they were called. Tom's street smarts and his street smart friends are more than a match for a bunch of puny spies.Tom not only helps build the Monitor, he sails it, he participates in the definitive battle with the Confederate 'ironside', the Merrimac. Avi's research is clear but not intrusive. Pictures and illustrations help the reader visualize the action. The battle was thrilling.In the author's notes, Avi quotes Paula Fox, who said of writing historical fiction, "Imagine the truth." This book would be a good introduction to Ironclad fighters.

  • Anna Korroch
    2019-04-23 15:39

    I have never been particularly drawn to historical fiction books, but i must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I loved that it was a story about a young boy will very big responsibilities. I appreciated how willing he was to do anything he could to help his family during a very stressful time. I also think that the civil war is a very fascinating time in our countries history. It was cool to hear this story told from a first person point of view. It made the civil war seem more real and easier to understand. This would be a good read aloud when learning about the civil war. I think that the students would like it because they are hearing about the events from a young boy that is their age. It could start discussion about what they would do if they were in Tom's situation or lived during the time of the Civil War. This would be a good independent read for a history lover. They would need to have a pretty high reading level, but they would enjoy the story. It incorporates a good amount of history with a compelling and interesting story. They would be able to learn history and also be entertained. This story could be used to teach plot and sequence of events. A lot of things happen throughout the book and it is very fast moving. Students could practice keeping track of what happens and maybe create a timeline of events. I really like that this book contains a large amount of dialogue. I like being able to follow the conversations and I think that it adds a lot to the story. This would be good for students who had not been introduced to this before.

  • Jake R
    2019-04-03 08:21

    In the book Iron Thunder, by Avi the theme is that no matter how old or young make the most out of your life. It is in Brooklyn during the civil war. The union is in the midst of building the great ship, the Monitor. Tom Carrol is a young boy. Only 13. His dad has just died and is family is left with nothing. Tom has to skip school just to keep his family afloat. He is looking for a job when he sent down to work on the Monitor. Instead of actually constructing the boat he works as the left hand man of the creator of this masterpiece. Tom ends up working on the boat as a sailor that fight in battle. There is only one thing wrong, he doesn't know what battling is. I thought this was a wonderful book because it really shows the emotion of the people. An example is when in battle Avi explains their emotions and how the sailors react with great detail. What the reader can take out of this book is that you need to make the most out of your like no matter the age. To, was able to work for his family at the age of 13, which would seem crazy to us, but that is what he needed to do to meet the needs for his family. I can relate in a smaller way. I need to do chores around the house to help my family stay organized. Tom's problem is much bigger and more difficult, but it is the same idea. I would most definitely recommend this book to my friends because it fully explains things and is an action packed book. This book was also a page turner.

  • Kaley Robinson
    2019-04-04 07:32

    This book was about a boy, Tom, who starts to work on the Monitor, a metal ships thats going to be fought in the Civil War. Tom's father had recently died in the war, so he was skeptical about working on a ship that would be involved with the war. Tom would encounter spies and would learn how to care for his family now that his father was gone. Tom would become an assistant to the captain and began to love the sea. This book wasn't difficult to read but was often dull at times. It was very informational though, especially because I did not know much about this subject. Purpose in the classroom:Read aloud: This book would be used in a history lesson. This would be a good book to go alongside the Civil War. Reading this book would be much more entertaining than listening to a lecture about the Civil War or just learning all the same information students usually do in school. Students could make timeline of the ship, or important dates of the war. This book would be suited for older elementary since the book is somewhat challenging and about a not so exciting topic. Literary elements: This would a good book to use with plot. The plot helps more the story along, especially with all the new characters introduced. The plot was a constant throughout the book, and it was often changing. This book was easy to identify each part of the plot. Since no other literary elements are really too stunning in the book, plot would be the easiest to understand and find in the book.

  • Sarah Rourke
    2019-04-24 07:31

    I really enjoyed reading this book. This book shows the hardships of war, and how some kids had to grow up a lot faster than others. I enjoyed the suspense and the engaging plot of this book. There was always something going on that made me want to keep turning the pages. I believe this will be a great historical book for children to read. This book would be best read for independent reading for grades 4 through 6th. This book shows how the War Between the States, effected many families. Tom's father is killed in the war and now he must find a job at only 13 years old, to support his family. I think boys will enjoy this book more than girls would, because it shows the hardships of a 13 year old boy. This book could be recommended to a student if they are discussing the War Between the States, if the student is doing an informational report on the war, or even if his family has experienced hardships because of a war. Maybe a certain student's father passed away in the war, so he will be able to relate to Tom Carroll. This book could also be read for literary elements, such as conflict. Tom starts working as John Ericsson's assistant. Ericsson invents an iron ship called the Monitor. Soon, Tom is being offered money by the Confederate spies to tell them information about the Monitor. Tom is conflicted between whether or not he should help these spies, or else he feels like he might be killed.